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Tousling is such a funny word

Hey, do you guys remember when Herbal Essences was all porny? “A totally organic experience.” Really? Anyway, I am so glad they are over that. Nowadays, I don’t think you can buy the body wash any more, but they have definitely branched out in the hair care arena. They have product collections that range from helping color treated hair, hydrating hair, straight hair and curly hair, to name a few. Now, their newest collection aims to help the lovelies get pretty tousled hair in their “tousle me softly” collection.

This collection has 6 products:

  • shampoo for a tousled look
  • conditioner for a tousled look 
  • mousse for easy tousling
  • tousling spray gel
  • flexible hold hair  spray
  • finishing touch cream

    I was able to try all of them, and I really came out with a favorite – the finishing touch cream. All of the products have a really nice “wild violet and pomegranate” scent, so, slightly floral. Well, I say slightly – the shampoo and conditioner have a strong scent in the shower, but it wears off soon after (if you don’t use any of the other products. If you do, well, you are just layering on the scent and it will stick around much longer).

    As for usage, well, the shampoo isn’t made for color-treated hair, so I didn’t use it much. But when I did, it cleaned well, but I don’t know what it really did to provide for more “tousling”, as I really think that is more product and skill based. As for the spray gel & mousse – I think they have potential when it comes to the scrunch factor, but for me my hair became more crunchy than softly tousled. I would def chalk that up to operator error than a direct result of the product, since I really don’t know what I am doing with those two products. The hair spray was not heavy, and I was able to brush thru it without flakes, so, plus for that.

    The cream, tho. Man, this stuff worked so good on my hair. It isn’t a true “cream” consistency – it’s actually between a cream and a gel, to me. It comes in a tub, and I know some of you are all about the hygiene of the product, but I didn’t mind just swiping my finger in it for some product. I would put it on my towel-dried hair, and depending on what I was doing, I would either blow it dry or air dry when I went to bed. If I blew it dry, I would rub some more between my fingers and pull it thru the dry ends and it would stay smooth. If I let it air dry there wasn’t any need to do anything else to it, it would just dry with so much less frizziness than before. I can’t really explain how I fix my hair, because, frankly – I’m not very good at it, but these lovelies at ExpoTV can show you how they fixed their hair with the “tousle me softly” collection.

    You can pick this line up at any drugstore/WalMart/Target type store, and everything runs around $3, except for the finishing cream which runs about $6 (*but the tub is so big it’s gonna last you a while).


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    One Comment

    1. herbal dietary says:

      Everything over there is only 3 bucks? :O And the cream for only 6 dollars? Woah, that’s a lot cheaper than I thought. I remember those commercials from Herbal Essence, they were funny just with how over the top the girls were acting.

      I’ll definately check it out the next time I hit up a target. 🙂


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