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Triple shot of oxygen bliss!

Ever have a time where your face just feel dull, maybe acting up a bit, just kind of out of sorts, but not really with a specific cause? I had one of those a couple of weeks ago. I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong, I just knew it felt kind of lifeless. Luckily, right around that time I had a chance to try several items from the bliss line of products & decided to give myself an at-home version of their famous triple oxygen facials to see if that would help anything.

The products I used were the bliss triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask ($52), the bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask ($54) and the bliss triple oxygen™ + C energizing cream ($54).

The oxygen mask bubbles up (*and it tickles!) and after the bubbles die down, about 5min later, you just rinse it off. After that, my skin seemed brighter, a little tingly, but not tighter. I’ve used this a couple of times a week since then for a nice boost on blah days.

I then went to use the eye masks, which come in packaging that you squeeze the liquid into the sealed section of the eye pads so this “allows their active ingredients to remain in their purest form, so they have maximum potency when placed on your peepers”. I’ll tell you – this wasn’t my favorite part. I may have been too rough on the pads, as they seems to tear apart easily after being soaked, when I was trying to separate the two pads for application, so they went on kinda funky, and not one sleek pad under each eye. Also, I don’t know if my face was too sensitive from the oxygen mask, but my upper cheeks/under eye area became irritated and stingy after just a few minutes of being on (*they are supposed to be left on for at least 15min). You may not have this reaction at all, but personally, I think I will only use these on their own to combat a bout of puffiness and not in a full facial session again.

I will say that when I used the energizing cream afterwards, it helped soothe the tingling and felt nice after drydown. I was concerned that the “energizing” feel of it might be too much, but there wasn’t any of the sort with this. It felt gentle going on and absorbed quickly. It didn’t leave a film to give it a “brightening” look to it, but my face did indeed look brighter then when I started. I use this in the mornings on days when I may not have slept so well, or was up too late and needed a quick boost to look fresher for the day.

You can pick any of these up individually, but you can get the bliss triple oxygen trio over on QVC for $99 (plus s&H) right now, which would be less than just the mask and cream & get to try the eye masks out for yourself for free.

Have any of you tried any of these triple oxygen products, or even any bliss products? I would love to know if you have, and what you thought.

*Disclaimer: I received these products from their PR for editorial consideration.

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