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So, I started on a project. I call it the “Oh gawd my heels are so cracked that they hurt to walk on them. Oh gawd, the pain. Please make it stop. I’ll do anything. Just stop the pain. Oh gawd…please.” project. Or, the OGMHASCTTHTWOTOGTPPMISIDAJSTPOGP project for short. Okay, maybe not so much.

But, really, I have such badly cracked heels they hurt. Now, I use my Pedegg to scrape it down, and get the occasional pedicure – but all of that is on the surface and not really fixing anything. I need a true fix.

Thanks to Twitter I met Emily from C’watre (pronounced “seawater”) Oceanic Skin Care. She thinks she might have a solution to my problem – Kanreki Cream.The main ingredient is oceanwater and contains the minerals that should help heal my heels. (She also sent me some other goodies that I will be trying, but they are not part of the OGMAHAS…aw forget it… project.)

So, lovelies, I am going to give it a shot. I mean, really, look at this heel.

Would you really want to go into sandal season with that?!? I don’t.

I will def keep you posted on how it’s working out.

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  1. Sparklecrack Central says:

    I’ve used plain lanolin hydrous on my badly cracked heels (deeply cracked – looked worse than your pic) and that did the trick. The other bonus was that it costs just $16 for a large tub. I can’t use the large tub in one year – I split it up with friends – but it definitely works.

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