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Vitamin D for Me #VitD4Me

Lovelies, I will have you know that I am a walking, talking, beauty casualty. See, I’m a good girl – I stay out of the sun as much as I can and when I do have to be out in it, I slather on sunscreen like something that slather’s on a lot of sunscreen. I have even cut back my diary intake, as it would tend to give me cystic acne. I was doing the right things, only I may have been doing it *too* well.

See, I went in for my long put off Well Woman Checkup last week and besides being told, “Hooray, you’re 40! You’ve earned a Mammogram!”, I was told that I was “extremely Vitamin D deficient”. As in, on a range of 30-80, with 50-70 being optimum, I have a 10. So, basically, almost none.

My doctor apologized and said “We’ve been telling you to take precaustions with the sun, but apparently we are doing *too* good of a job”. Of note, the American Association of Dermatology doesn’t want you getting your Vitamin D from the sun anyway. Shocking! Not so much. Anyway, it seems that Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise, too – to where possibly 70% – 80% of the population are deficient. Most scary is the large amount of children that could be affected and having issues growing up.

Personally, after reading about the variety of things that Vitamin D deficiency can affect (*aches, pains, hair loss, mood, etc) I think I can possibly attribute a lot of things that I thought were random & unrelated to this root cause. Like, hair loss? Easily explained away by all of the different products I try stressing it out. Difficulty remembering things? I multi-task like a fiend. Plus, my attention span has dwindled down to 140-character bytes. Dozing off to sleep at my desk in the afternoon? What? My job’s boring. Hip aches? I’m a big girl, duh, I’m going to be achy, right? Oh, one of the things is that Diabetes & Vitamin D deficiency have a link. “They” can’t determine which influences which the most, but the tie is there.

Well, my Dr has put me on a 50Kul/wk for 12 wk megadose regimen to jump start my absorption & prescribed me 1K/day FOREVER (<-her CAPS). Also, to help reduce any potential bone loss due to the lack of Calcium (*what little I take in) absorption with the deficiency, she wants me to start incorporating more activity in my lifestyle, which I am now doing by walking on a regular basis (*to help ward off that diabetes/vit d link, too). And when I walk, I tweet (*okay, really, when *don’t* I tweet?), so I’ve started using the hashtag #VitD4Me to kind of track my tweets having to do with what’s going on with this.

So, long story longer, I want you to make sure that when you go in for your annual Well Woman Checkup (*which I know you do faithfully), that you will get your Vitamin D levels tested. If only to reassure you that it’s all good, or maybe to try to explain away that mysterious “something” going on with you. I’ll tell you this – a month ago, I got tired at just the thought of walking a mile and yesterday I walked 3miles – *before work*. Who am I?!?

Now, tell me – have any of you been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency? Did any of even realize that it was/could be an issue? I didn’t, but let me know if you did.

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