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Okay, you guys, do you remember when I told you that I would tell you if something needing to be disclosed? Yeah, well, nothing dramatic has happened, I just thought I would update you on what I was thinking about doing around here.

 I dunno whether you have noticed or not, but I haven’t been running advertising here. I’ve had pretty distinct reasons for that – mostly just to keep this site on my own terms. Apparently, it seems that there may be people out there that think I might have some influence on people. So, I have had some advertising opportunities come up. Now, not all of them are interesting enough to me, or even right for me, to put up here. But, I may actually entertain the notion of displaying them to you.

You may see some sponsored stuff, too. Like, I have a post going up about hosting a sponsored “Dove VIP Red Carpet Event”. They provided everything for the party, which I will explain in the post, but I didn’t want you to be surprised. Also, you may see some tweets, like this one for myshape.com, that are ads for things I think you *might* be interested in, but they’ll be designated as an #ad, so you know what it is, too. I may also put a Shopstyle.com widget in a post, or in the sidebar, for you to purchase something directly, if you want. One reason I would do that is that even tho I do, usually, post a link to the product’s website, you may not be able to buy it directly from there.

Really, this all comes down to the fact that by doing any of these things, I would benefit – usually monetarily. I’m sure you guys are smart enough to know that, but I just like to make certain that it is out there. I don’t know that these are the only avenues I will look at, but, at least it’s a start to tell you guys. Like I’ve said, I’m not very shy about what I’m doing around here, just making sure you remember that, too.

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